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~ Seattle, 6-8 fév.04 ~



Creation Convention, 6th - 8th Feb, Seattle Washington USA


Anecdotes sur la Convention par Kim :

As for Amanda, she was amazing. She had extra time on stage and used it wisely. She had us rolling in the aisles. And at the dessert party they had with the guests we had alot of fun. She met Greg Evigan and was quite taken with him. Before she actually met him, she was so silly, going into a teenage like fury, of squeeling and pointing and jumping up and down, it was hysterical. And he was standing right behind her and with all the excitement he turned around to see her losing it, it was classic. She quickly tried to calm herself and shook his hand, introducing herself. After a few words, she turned to us and whispered in her teenage spaziness, "It's Greg Evigan, oh my god, it's Greg Evigan". We were all just dying. So, after a bunch of us could see she clearly was in love with the man, someone shouted they should get a picture together and of course she jumped at that.
So, a bunch of us pulled out the cameras and took pictures of them together. Some people actually went and made a copy for her on disk right away. They had a digital camera and did it on the hotel's computers. I took one and told her I'd bring it to Gatecon for her and she seemed so excited to get them all. She even asked me before she left if I was sure I was coming to Gatecon and I was like, "Oh yeah".

I even got in the picture once after several others had asked to get a picture with them both. We put him in the middle and made a Greg sandwich.

And Amanda was wearing a necklace she got at the Reunion Island con. It was really cool, a round bronze colored pendant about 2 inches across with a blue stone in the middle and cool lines all around it, kind of Aztec looking or something

Anyway, she was just too much fun and I can't wait to see her again.