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~ WolfEventChat 16/01/04~

(voir la traduction française)


ATapping: Hi it's me, Amanda... but I'm a slow typist so Star is going to type for me. Thanks for coming out.

ATC_Sandy: Hi Amanda, welcome to our chat room! It's much appreciate by us and your many fans! Are you ready to start the chat?

ATapping: yes...let's get going. YIPPPEEEE.

mattimooz: Hi Amanda Can I just say thank you for being here I have your first question: <LYA17>Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. I would like to know who chooses your civil clothes for "Stargate" and what are the (choosing) aspects, are you asked about them and what happens with them afterwards? See you in London in September !!!

Amanda_Tapping: our costume designer chooses the clothes and I go though them and try them on and if I really like them then sometimes I get to keep them but sometimes I don't and then they go into wardrobe storage

ATC_Sandy: our next question is a funny one :D

ATC_Sandy: <GITWYIA>If stargate SG-1 ever did a "musical" episode, which members of the cast do you think would sing, and which would get other people to sing for them? Would you sing? Would there be a round of "Row Row Row Your Boat" like the convention in Sydney?

Amanda_Tapping: I think we'd probably all sing, Chris would be the best. But I think we need to find something a bit hipper than row row row your boat. any suggestions?

mattimooz:<MEESHYICKLE>At SG5 JR said to us that if he (Martouf) and Narim (Garwin Sanford) were in an arm wrestle that he'd win... but if "Sam" had to pick one of the two-narim or martouf... who would you prefer and why ;)

Amanda_Tapping: Martouf, I think Martouf and Sam have a bit more in common

Amanda_Tapping:: although Narim does have my cat

ATC_Sandy: Martouf :) We'll continue on that a bit, but this one is about Jr Bourne

ATC_Sandy: <HAPPYTAZ1>You played with Jr in the movie named "Stuck" So I would like to know if we will have the possibility to watch it or buy it ?? How was it to play with Jr in another way that Stargate SG-1 ??

Amanda_Tapping: I don't know what's happening with Stuck, I doubt it will go into distribution, but it was amazing to play something completely different with JR. For me, with shooting SG-1 at the same time it was a challenge. I think we rehearsed about month or two before we filmed it. It was amazing.

ATC_Sandy: that is too bad too hear, I'm sure a lot of fans would love to see it

Amanda_Tapping: It was really great to kiss him, he's a really great kisser

mattimooz: :D Sounds like a great part to play! I have a character question here: <JULIA_J1> Hi Amanda, thank you for doing this chat. Where do you think Sam Carter would like her career to go? If she had to choose between being a scientist or moving up in the USAF which do you think she'd prefer.

Amanda_Tapping: I think Sam would always choose science, as that's her real passion. she's very loyal to the military but science is what drives this woman

ATC_Sandy: This is a question about an episode that hasn't been aired yet but fans are really looking forward to

ATC_Sandy: <SANCOOK>Thanks for doing this, and happy New Year! This season you directed "resurrection", how did you felt directing your co-workers and directing your self? Any intentions on direction in season 8?

Amanda_Tapping: Directing resurrection was phenomenal, it was such an amazing experience, a lot of hard work, Christopher and Michael were really great to work with, Richard wasn't in it, and I don't think I'll be directed in season 8 because apparently we're only doing 20 episodes. It's hard to direct an episode and prep for other episodes, but I'm pushing to direct an episode of Atlantis

mattimooz: Before I ask my next question I just wanted to say something on behalf of pretty much everyone who sent in a question. We all thought Grace was a great episode and pretty much every question had a compliment to you. As we were on a moderated chat we knew this wouldn't necessarily be said so it’s been decided I would say it on behalf of everyone. Thank you for a great episode

Amanda_Tapping: thank you! I made the mistake about going on the internet and reading some bad things about grace, but because I don't write or direct the episode you can only hope you do the best with what you were given

ATC_Sandy: Believe you me all we read at the club was good comment!

ATC_Sandy: it's was a great episode to watch :D

mattimooz: Well I can promise you that it was a very well received episode :)

Amanda_Tapping: I loved the episode, I loved the story arc and I loved the fact that Carter finally addresses the other issues in her life, what has she given up for the SGC, is there more to her life, she must question at some point if she is missing out on life because of her career and this sort of addressed that

mattimooz:<MARYFR2000>Hi Amanda greetings from Scotland. My Question is: How long did it take you to learn to sign for the play "Children of a lesser God" and who coached you? Can you still do sign language now?

Amanda_Tapping: I spent a summer learning sign language with a translator for the deaf and I spent the summer hanging out with the deaf community and I can't do ASL but I do signed English, but I became very involved with the deaf community while I was learning

ATC_Sandy:<XFAIRY1013>Hello Amanda, I'm Serena from Italy *waves* I'm curious... what do you enjoy most about conventions ? My friend and I enjoyed meeting you at the FCC, so a big THANK YOU for coming! Are you ever nervous to stand up to so many people? Hope to see you back next year...*hugs from Italy*

Amanda_Tapping: The best part about doing conventions is the chance to meat the fans and say thank you, everyone is so generous and sweet. I'm always nervous before I get on stage, I shake. And I would love to go back to France. The best part by far is meeting the fans.

mattimooz:<XENAPOWER>Hi Amanda ! Happy New Year from the French goofy gang!!! I want to know is there something you particularly love to eat, (like for us, the French gang, it's Nutella, we would kill for it!!) and what are you ready to do to find this special stuff you like so much?

Amanda_Tapping: my favourite food is suishi. I would probably crawl over broken glass for a good plate of suishi... hahaha

ATC_sandy: next one is about the several characters you've played over the years

ATC_Sandy:<STRANGEGIRL4>What was the most difficult character you played in all you career?? (and don't say Carter because it would be a big lie !!! You kiss Rick!!! A lot of women want to do that every day!!! lol)

Amanda_Tapping: playing Carter is not difficult except for the techno babble. The most difficult character probably was Sarah in "Children of a Lesser God" just because of the different language

Amanda_Tapping: and kissing Rick is definitely a perk

Amanda_Tapping: heck, hanging out with Rick everyday is a perk

ATC_Sandy: and for TV?

Amanda_Tapping: I'd have to say Carter for TV just because it's a daily challenge to keep her real and to keep her interesting

mattimooz: <GATEGIRL1>Hi Amanda, thanks for taking "time-out" to do this with us. It's been ages since we've heard anything about Miss Blind River, and I don't mean the person per se, but the documentary that you and your fellow "Random Act conspirators" were making. Could you tell us what's happened to it? Has it got lost in the black hole of post production? Is it still being edited? Is it finished an...

Amanda_Tapping: Uhm... it is still in the black hole of post-production because we need more footage, but "Random Act" certainly is not dead in the water, we're still emailing each other about shows we'd like to do, we just need to be in the same city

mattimooz: <ROWAN> I've already asked this one of Jr at a previous Wolf chat: Have you done, or would you ever want to do drag? (i.e. dress up and play a role as a man)

Amanda_Tapping: yeah, that would be great fun to play a role as a man. I'd actually like to go out in public like to see if I could get away with it

ATC_Sandy: at a convention perhaps, incognito?

Amanda_Tapping: do you think I could get away with it?

mattimooz: Depends what you wore

ATC_Sandy: uhm... if you change your voice bit, hehe

ATC_Sandy: that too of course

ATC_Sandy: I saw a play last week and it was brought by 3 women, instantly I had to think of Random Acts and how It would be to see you on stage. Could you tell us something about one of the plays you did together? Was it only the 3 of you on stage? Do you miss it? Or tell about something you'll never forget that happened on stage? Love and Peace xxx

Amanda_Tapping: uhm... Random Acts did political commentary - it was one of the first shows we did was based on a book called "Becoming a Woman" written in the fifties - sort of a text book for young girls, but completely ridiculous to look at it today. We took real stuff and put a comedic spin on it and got a great response on it. Most embarrassing thing was wearing a corset in "Taming of a Shrew" and my...

ATC_Sandy: my...?

Amanda_Tapping: .....fell out. Then I broke my toe in "The Lion in Winter" and had to continue with play

mattimooz: I can imagine why that would be embarrassing!!! And your toe?! That must have been incredibly painful!

Amanda_Tapping: yes it was, but it was also quite funny because I was playing a medieval character and had to walk very properly... and I developed a bit of a limp...

ATC_Sandy: hehe, I bet you got great comment on playing the character :D

mattimooz: Ok pardon me having a bit of hysterics here...<MORJANA2003>Who have you not worked with that you would like to work with? What would be your ideal role in a film, in theatre, or on television?

Amanda_Tapping: Wow there's so many people I'd love to work with. I'd love to work with Meryl Streep and on the flip side I would love to work with Dawn French (British comedien) ideal role would be a period piece in film

Amanda_Tapping: I'd love to be "Absolutely Fabulous"

ATC_Sandy: I've seen a few episodes of it, can you do the British accent?

Amanda_Tapping: yes, having been born there, it's the accent I tend to go to when I'm feeling sleepy or silly or nervous

Shirl: we have 207 people in this chat room - thought you like to know :-)

Amanda_Tapping: how *very* cool! thank you for coming!

ATC_Sandy:<HUSSYNO2>Hi Amanda, thank you so much for the recent Paris convention - you gave me something nice to remember from what was a bad year for me. I've written to you about this before because I never have the courage to ask at conventions/other chats: the wedding pictures in Point of View: exactly how much fun did you have doing that and was there more than one picture taken? If so, what happe...

Amanda_Tapping: uhm, taking the wedding pictures was hilarious, Rick who it seems is a confirmed bachelor., suddenly got nervous about it so we acted completely goofy and that went into it. I don't know what happened to the pictures actually but there were a lot taken. Most of the pictures were silly though

mattimooz: I'm pretty sure that everyone would love to see those pictures! The next question:<WINDYX>Hi Amanda Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. I was wondering what your earliest childhood memory is?

Amanda_Tapping: uhm... gosh... I have memories of uhm my twin brother and I. speaking our little twin language. But I don't know how old I was but I do have memories of that. I wasn't a baby, probably about 2 or 3

Amanda_Tapping: but most of my childhood memories tend to focus around our family's camping trips

ATC_Sandy: <DOOFY73>Hello from London. I was just wondering what is the strangest thing that has happened to you at a Stargate convention and the biggest shock or surprise (in a good way) that you received.

Amanda_Tapping: I can't think of the strangest. I find it amazing that people know so much about the show, probably more than I do! biggest shock or surprise is how overwhelmed you feel by how wonderful everyone is. The very first con I went in London, I was blown away by how friendly, generous and welcoming the people were

mattimooz: A lot of people asked if your were specifically going to certain conventions, so we thought we would put all these in together and just ask what conventions you are planning to go to in the next year or so ?

Amanda_Tapping: uhm... Seattle Feb 7th and Pasadena March 28th, then the only other one I'm booked for is the Gabit Events in London in September and that's it right now

Amanda_Tapping: but I will keep people posted on my website if I do any others, but at this point that's it

ATC_Sandy:<SAM_RULES>Hi Amanda and Greetings from Birmingham, UK :-) Thank you for doing this chat, you are so sweet and very kind! We all appreciate it ! My question is : knowing that season 8 will probably be the last, how do you feel about it? And what will you miss the most?

Amanda_Tapping: uhm it's hard to believe that this show will actually come to an end because we keep saying it'll be the last season and it never is, it's very bittersweet. What I'll miss the most is the family that Stargate is. I'll miss the family and hanging out with these people everyday is such a joy

Amanda_Tapping: plus it's kind of scary

ATC_Sandy: all fans will sure miss you too and the family they have become over the years too

Amanda_Tapping: what an amazing adventure it's been for all of us

ATC_Sandy: yes indeed :)

mattimooz: I can imaging how it would be scary but you can be sure that many people will continue following you no matter what you choose to do

Amanda_Tapping: thank you so much

mattimooz: :) ok the next question might not be understood by all so will just say that Coronation Street is a British Soap

mattimooz:<KELSPOOK>Are you any closer to getting that guest spot on Coronation Street that you've been after? Heck, if they'll put a member of the band "Boyzone" on there, you should have no problems at all !

Amanda_Tapping: I really need to get my people on that. All I want to do is order a pint of Lauger and lime in Rovers

ATC_Sandy:<WISTFULFEVER>Hi, Amanda, I'm a big fan. You're a really wonderful actress, and I'll definitely be following your work, SG-1 and beyond. I have one question that's been itching at a quite a few of us, though we're the more quiet of the fans. Is there any chance, whatsoever, that we might get at least a little Sam/Daniel exploration? We really feel like their friendship could blossom into a wonderful, and yes, angsty relationship if given the chance.

Amanda_Tapping: I don't think there's any chance of Sam/Daniel exploration. They're too good friends and they're too much like brother and sister. There's a picture from Resurrection files and Sam and Daniel kissing but it's just Michael and Amanda fooling around on set

mattimooz: <FIREANTZZ>I'm from Australia and I am a huge fan some say I am addicted. What has been your favourite piece of "alien technology"? Thanks a lot! Beth.

Amanda_Tapping: personally, the healing device

Amanda_Tapping: cool technology, it's going to sounds really hokey, but the actual Stargate for without it we would be nothing

ATC_Sandy: <DANIELJFAN>Hey Amanda I hope that you and your family had a very merry Christmas ans a happy new year. Are you going to keep any of the props from the series whenever it ends?

Amanda_Tapping: yeah whatever I can get my hands on! but not the guns...

mattimooz: <Carl Garbutt>Hi Amanda ! I send my greetings from the leafy glades of surrey! Obviously being an established actress for many years now you must get used to watching yourself on television, I was wondering how that made you feel, and do you get the same enjoyment out of watching episodes of Stargate and the many other productions you have featured in knowing how much hard work went into each and every scene?

Amanda_Tapping: I have a hard time watching myself on television because I am very critical of everything. I can now watch earlier episodes, like from the first 3 or 4 seasons, and have enough distance to enjoy them and I actually really like the show when I watch it. But I'm very critical of myself wo it can be frustrating watching an episode with me

Amanda_Tapping: and hello to Surrey !

ATC_sandy: <ITSME_DD>Read in a Dreamwatch interview that writing a dialog for SG characters would be difficult for you because you are too close to them. Wonder why? as I thought it might be easier then. Can you explain it a bit? Oh, and good luck for S8 ! xox DD

Amanda_Tapping: it's not that I'm so close to the characters, but I'm so close to the actors. I would love to write an episode of Stargate, since the guys have, but I have a hard time separating the actors from the characters

mattimooz: <HOLLYK21>As much as I hate to say it, Stargate is most likely coming to a close and I was just wondering if there were any projects that you had planned or if you had anything in particular you were wanting to do like more directing or any writing?

Amanda_Tapping: I'm looking into more directing gigs and I'm hoping to get back on stage, I've been approached to do "Twelfth Night" on stage, but I'll keep you posted

ATC_Sandy: <LITTLESHARE>Hey Amanda! it was great to see you in Paris, you brought a ray of sunshine in that convention :) How do you put up with celebrity, the fact that hundreds of people around the world talk about you, analyse every move you make, every word you say...?

Amanda_Tapping: on the one hand it's fantastic because people are so nice and make you feel so loved, on the other hand they get a picture of you at a bad angle and suddenly it's all over the net. And to have every aspect of your being analyzed makes me, personally, insecure

ATC_Sandy: do you recognized a lot ?

Amanda_Tapping: it's a very privileged position to be able to do what you love to do for living and to have so many people appreciate it. I never lose sight that I'm lucky, but you also feel like you're constantly analyzed for the way you look and that can be harsh

mattimooz: <CRZYMUSICLVR>Do you play, or have played any music instruments? What kinda of music do you like? Do you think we'll see Sam do any serious dancing in Season 8? or maybe dancing when she's alone in her house, when she thinks no one is watching?

Amanda_Tapping: I play guitar and I used to play flute. I actually love all kinds of music and depending on the mood I'm in is what I listen to. But what I play is folk music. To catch Sam dancing alone in her house would be hilarious and perhaps frightening

mattimooz: frightening ?

Amanda_Tapping: yes, Amanda therefore Sam is a bit of a spaz

Amanda_Tapping: and by the way, happy 21st birthday Meeshy

Meeshylckle:oO Someone is in trouble for telling you!! but thanks!!!

Amanda_Tapping: now you're legal everywhere

ATC_Sandy: <ZENECE>Hi Amanda! I was wondering, have you ever read fanfiction about Sam and Janet being romantically involved? What are your thoughts on that pairing? Lots of love

Amanda_Tapping: I actually got a lot of computer generated pictures when I was in Germany from a fan and when I saw Teryl a couple of weeks later we found them quite funny, but I personally have no issues with that kind of thing... but Sam likes boys

Amanda_Tapping: the boys, Chris and Michael, love the pictures

mattimooz: <CINDYM79>Hi ! My Friend and I gave you a bracelet at the French convention, hope you like it! (perhaps it was the one you were wearing in Reunion Island?). My question is : Is it deliberate that every time Sam is wearing leather, Jack is never around ?

Amanda_Tapping: yeah I think Jack seeing Sam in leather would drive him too wild

(là le Delphi forum pète les plombs et plein de gens se retrouvent éjectés)

Amanda_Tapping: it's probably the system lords trying to mess with our fun yet again...

Ruthiesg1: lol stupid goa'ulds

ATC_Sandy: ok, let's see if Delphi likes the next question, I sure hope so

ATC_sandy: <MARIE>Hi Amanda! Firstly great show. I know you get loads of gifts from fans from all over the world, but what is the strangest gift you've had from a fan. Peace and Love Marie

Amanda_Tapping: uhm..... that's a hard one to answer... I get a lot of really amazing hand made gifts which are just so wonderful. I can't say I've gotten anything really strange

mattimooz: Is it true you got a penguin once?

Amanda_Tapping: yeah, it's true. I've actually gotten a tonne of stuffed animals... never a live penguin. I also got a huge white tiger in Germany

mattimooz: <GATEWATCHER1>Thanks for taking the time to answer questions from your fans. Here's mine... If you could travel to any point in time, what point would you choose and why?

Amanda_Tapping: I think I'd go back in time instead of forward. I feel a connection with medieval England - maybe a past life... so I'd go back there

ATC_Sandy: <LAURE82>hi Amanda !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR from THE FRENCH GOOFY FAN!!!!! At the French con, Michael mimed us how the men reacted when a sexy woman arrived on the set... can you tell us how you and Teryl react when you see a sexy man (especially when you are in your goofy day !!)

Amanda_Tapping: uhm... Teryl and I usually crawl away to a corner and giggle

Amanda_Tapping: and then we rape them like the boys do with the girls hehe

Amanda_Tapping: rate them sorry that was a typo !!!

ATC_Sandy: yeh, we thought that

mattimooz: Glad that was a typo

Amanda_Tapping: absolutely!

mattimooz: gota bit freaked out there for a moment lol The next question is:<ANGESOLAIRE>Hello Amanda. If you were in an island alone, what do you take with you?

Amanda_Tapping: my guitar... and uh pen and paper

ATC_Sandy:<OLIVIAMOTYER>Hi! What made you want to become an actress? Did anyone inspire you? I'd like to say that you've inspired me so much! Thank you for being so amazing, and for making the show so wonderful! You are incredibly talentued!

Amanda_Tapping: wow, thank you! I think I always wanted to be an actress, I don't know why, but I was inspired a lot by going to plays when I was little and knowing I wanted to be up there

mattimooz: <NAFRAYU>I'm from the same town as you in Essex and still have family that live there. Do you get to go home often and do you miss anything about home at all?

Amanda_Tapping: uhm, I still have family that live in England and I don't get to go home as often as I'd like, but I feel a sense of place when I'm there and I miss the architecture and I miss the countryside...I'd like to eventually move back there for awhile

Cerieiluned: There are now 238 of us in this room

Amanda_Tapping: wow!! this is great!! I'm so flattered!

ATC_Sandy: <ELO>Hello Amanda, first of all, thank you so much for visiting the German City Con. You really made my day very special. What I want to know is. In every biography from you we can read that one of your hobbies is riding horses. Since I am also riding a horse I would like to know if you have your own horse, what kind of horse it is and what style do you ride?

Amanda_Tapping: I don't have my own horse. But I ride both Western and English and I used to teach disabled children how to ride Western

Amanda_Tapping: and also I had the chance to go riding when I was in Germany and I loved it

mattimooz: <SARA>We saw your husband Alan in the Changeling, was it your idea to have him in the episode? Did he enjoy it? Will we see him again? Thx, much love xxx Sara

Amanda_Tapping: Christopher wrote the episode and put his girlfriend and I said it would be hilarious to put Alan in it. And Chris wrote him as a fireman so he got to be in it as an extra. He wouldn't want to do it again but it was great to have him there for a couple of days and have him in my world to see what I do everyday

mattimooz: Ok first of all thank you to everyone so far

mattimooz: Amanda wants to go live

mattimooz: BUT we will only do this for as long as it works

mattimooz: we understand that everyone wants to talk to her but if you could be patient

ATC_Sandy: yes, you can't talk all at once, it'll scroll to fast

mattimooz: Understand that AS SOON as it gets too much for her we will know and we will go back to gag

mattimooz: is that ok with you Amanda?

Amanda_Tapping: yep

mattimooz: :) ok we want some questions but be patient try not too many at once

rahorakhty: hi Amanda, Is there anything you'd like to see Sam do before the show ends?

Amanda_Tapping: omg, yes! a million things!! Scientifically discover something that has life altering affects. It sorts of sounds egomaniacal, but for her to come up with the ultimate discovery that would change the world. I'd like to see her find true happiness and I really want her to go fishing with Jack

meeshylckle: Woohoo for fishing with Jack !!!!

rahorakhty: I'd like to see that too ! Thanks

Rowan_Green: Hi Amanda! Thanks for your great answer on my drag question! I'm sure you can do it, and you can ask me for tips if you like! Also thought you might like to know I'm trying to set up a screening of Stuck in the UK. I'll ask Sandy to pass on a message! See you this summer!

Amanda_Tapping: cool! I *may* be going to Gatecon this year, I'm working on that one now...

Amanda_Tapping: forgot to mention that one sorry

Mattimooz: From <JennyLouise> Would you like to do a play in the West End?

Amanda_Tapping: I would give my right arm to do a play in the West End

ThorsClone: Hi Amanda, greetings from the whole Team! At first I want to say thanks for taking time for your fans! Here is my question: Are you interested in playing a role in "Stargate: Atlantis"? Perhaps in the premiere episode like Michael and Richard?

Amanda_Tapping: I don't think Christopher and I will be in the pilot episode but I think it's possible we will appear somewhere in the season

DanieleSG1: Hello Amanda, I think you are an amazing actress, I am crying now at the thought of being in the same 'room' as you! What languages can you speak?

Amanda_Tapping: English, French, I'm learning German, and sign language

SilentFurry: Amanda: greetings from Toronto. Any chance of seeing you as a recurring guest on Atlantis?

Amanda_Tapping: who knows if I will be a recurring guest on Atlantis, but we will see

MsMallox: hi Amanda, in fact there are lots of questions... I don't really know which question you don't even know... so my question is: what's your favourite question or most hated? and why?

Amanda_Tapping: there are no hated questions... sometimes I wish that there were enough time that I could ask you all questions

Jihuu: Amanda : Jack&Sam They got future together? They beging very close at season 7

Amanda_Tapping: Stay tuned for the future of Sam and Jack, I don't know what's going to happen

Erishian42: Hi, from Maine! You and RDA play guitar, so do you guys ever jam together?

Amanda_Tapping: yes we have played guitar together, he's really good

Dr_Raines: Hi Amanda, my name is Benjamin and I had the chance to meet at the French convention last November. I'd like to tell that you're wonderful and the show is great. Here's my question: When will the shooting of the show resume - we can't wait for this! Best wishes to you and your family and good luck for everything

Amanda_Tapping: we start shooting at the beginning of March and Atlantis starts shooting mid-February

YXYZ: Hi Amanda, greetings from Ottawa (so close to where you grew up). Thanks for taking time here. What are your three favourite movies/shows you've ever played/made?

Amanda_Tapping: favourite show I've ever made: Stargate and Random Acts

User_4574: given the opportunity - would you go for season 9?

Amanda_Tapping: season 9? who knows, never say never

Amanda_Tapping: to SamRulez, hope you're ok, sending you a hug

LenaS7_2: hi Amanda, I'm a big fan of you and you're a great actress. My question is, why you never told your age? Or did you? I never found it. Hope to see you soon at a con in Germany.

Amanda_Tapping: why I never told my age? I like to keep them guessing... so many different ones on the net, I'll let people decide for themselves

StarCastel: You are wonderful on the show. It'd be great if you came to a New Orleans convention and it's a great party city. If you are asked would you make appearances in Atlantis? Thank you

Amanda_Tapping: I'd love to go to New Orleans, and yes I would appear in Atlantis if asked

IILantashII: We want have you back in Germany Amanda!!! Love ya!!! :))))

passpartout: Expect to see you again in France this year please come... thank you for everything... big French kisses! :-)

Amanda_Tapping: I look forward to coming back to Germany and France

SGnet: Hello from Geneva!!! I want to thank you for coming at the French convention and here is my question... If you could live on any planets where will you live?!?

Amanda_Tapping: any of the planets with a good beach!

mattimooz: Anitalobita wants to know was it better kissing Michael or Rick

Amanda_Tapping: Rick is an excellent kisser

Amanda_Tapping: I've had more opportunities to kiss Rick... so uh... Michael and I have never really had a great opportunity to kiss

mattimooz: Amanda, Wendy would like to know if you've ever heard the word numpty on set from Gary Jones or Peter Deluise? If not you have to ask them about it!

Amanda_Tapping: I just had coffee this morning with Gary Jones and I will definitely ask what numpty means!

ATC_Sandy: Ok, Amanda you've been with us for over 2 hours, thank you so much for doing this!

Blond_smurf: doing conventions like France and Germany - did you have time to explore the country

Amanda_Tapping: yes, we did have a chance to do a bit of exploring in France and Germany. and instead of taking the plane we did it by train and saw the countryside

ATC_Sandy: how about one or two more questions, you've been great for us already

Amanda_Tapping: my pleasure for doing this!

ATC_Sandy: you've been amazing!

Amanda_Tapping: just to let you know my computer crashed

Cerieiluned: Thank you Amanda for spending so much time with us there :)

Amanda_Tapping: This has been such a pleasure, thank you so much for the overwhelming response

mattimooz: Yes thank you sorry for the chatroom being a bit crazy

Amanda_Tapping: I look forward to seeing some of you again and meeting some of you in the future and thank you again for your fantastic support

Shirl: Thank you Amanda from the Wolf Chat room as well

Amanda_Tapping: it's really impossible to put into words how overwhelming and wonderful it is

Rowan_Green: Thanks it was great!

ATC_Sandy: A lot of fans are telling me to say thank you very much for staying so long with us tonight!

Amanda_Tapping: happy birthday to Amanda Jones and thank you for doing all my typing!!

Mattimooz: Yes I'm getting a lot of thank you's here too

Amanda_Tapping: I just want to say once again thank you so very much for taking the time to chat with me, it's been a great pleasure and I wish you all great health and happiness in 2004